Benefits of membership:

– You can buy great products at discounted member prices

– Top quality of unique products comparable to the most expensive products on the market

– Competitive prices of products, almost at the level of production costs are available for all

– Consumers pay only for the high quality without unnecessary costs for advertising, brand etc.

– An easy opportunity to earn money

– A unique opportunity to achieve a stable income, which can help you acquire the financial means for a number of years

 – Your position in the company is held for your entire life and you can leave it as an inheritance to your children, family

– High standard and fair remuneration

– Huge profit from product sales, up to 43%

– More remuneration options

– You need no trade license for the cooperation

– Fragrance sampler is selling instead of you  – customers will be satisfied by the quality of fragrances and low price

– You do not need any business skills to lend the fragrance sampler to your friends – a good product will be sold anyway

– The actual use of quality FM fragrances will help you getting your customers

– Do not offer, just show off

– A modern system of selling products directly to customers

– The opportunity to work from your own home via the Internet

– The possibility of acquiring new customers through this website indicating your contact, with your consent

– Your income is not restricted; there is a real possibility to reach the income of several thousand Euros, that is achievable by skilful members

– Maximum freedom: you work at time that suits you, you determine how much time you invest in this work and how much you earn. Nobody plans your performance, no one pushes you into anything

– Independence – no restrictions, just a lot of opportunities in your own business

– Work becomes a hobby and entertainment for many of us

– You acquire new contacts

– The supplies are delivered by courier directly to you, within  24 hours (not later than three working days)

– You work in a stable international company that is operating in 40 countries

– The company has high standards in all areas – the highest quality products, lowest price, highest margin, fastest delivery, the fastest paid commissions, great incentive programs …

– There is always someone who will be happy to help you in your activities